IntroductionTransitions between desktop and immersiveDesktop OverviewImmersive OverviewWithin Window NavigationCapturing Objects in the ViewpointImmersive View NavigationImmersive View NavigationImmersive User NavigationCollaborative Immersive WorkObject Menus for YgdrasilNode Hierarchy ViewerAdding Simple BehaviorsAdding Complex BehaviorsDirect Object ManipulationNode Debug TypesIntroductionThe SandboxSandbox ObjectsPlacing ObjectsThe Key ObjectThe Sexuality ObjectObjects are DynamicThe Time ObjectActivity AttributeProximity Influences AttributesThe Clarity AttributeThe Intent AttributeTen Objects TotalThe Snake ObjectThe Focus AttributeThe Stability AttributeThe Intelligence AttributeThe Book ObjectInfluences on the BookEnvironmental SymbolsInfluences on the TreeUser AttributesFire EnvironmentWater EnvironmentIntroductionA Multi-Faceted SurfaceFigures AppearA Shimmering TrailEach a Unique DialogTrails of the PastMore Opaque CharactersAnonomous CharactersDancing FiguresThe Ground CleavesA Path DistortedCharacters UnawareA Noticable ChangeMore Cleaving LandscapeSome Up, Some DownA Distorted LandscapeIt's Our FaultIntroductionRelfectionsHall of MirrorsBody PartsPoint and ClickA New HeadCheck It OutHow It's DoneView From AboveBeyond ViewIntroductionPosition Controls TranslationInside the WombSeven Shakra StonesGazing at StonesInto the Blue WorldBlowing BubblesAttatched to the UserIncreasing Bubble SizeBubble SoundsBlowing Away BubblesAttention Controls ExitGrabbing the WorldRotating the WorldFocus of AttentionRefining Bubble PositionsPulsating BubblesBringing Bubbles ForwardApplying ForcesFinishing TouchesInto the Red WorldAn Evolving Soundscape